The Dawn of The New Clans. Read.

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The Dawn of The New Clans. Read. Empty The Dawn of The New Clans. Read.

Post by Specklestar on Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:04 am

All of the Characters & Clans from the Erin Hunter books do NOT exist and have never existed on this Roleplay.  I have changed the name and the backgrounds a little, the territories is very similar.   Instead there are new Clans:

~MysteryClan is based on ThunderClan
~MidnightClan is based on ShadowClan
~AquaClan is based on RiverClan
~BreezeClan is based on WindClan
~ThornClan is based on BloodClan
~LightClan is based on StarClan

Which is why this Roleplay is called Dawn of the NEW Clans Tongue

Layout (sorry for rubbish drawing):
Grey dots represent stepping stones! 
The Dawn of The New Clans. Read. Map110

Allies & Enemies:

~MysteryClan & MidnightClan are allies.  
~BreezeClan & AquaClan are allies.  
~BreezeClan& AquaClan is enemies with both MysteryClan & MidnightClan.
~ThornClan is a very dangerous enemy to all.
~LightClan is a Clan of dead spirits, they look upon the 5 Clans from the skies and do not/cannot have any enemies.

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