Deerstar of Aquaclan

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Deerstar of Aquaclan Empty Deerstar of Aquaclan

Post by Obsidianstar on Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:36 pm

Age (moons):23
Clan: Aquaclan
Gender: male
Appearance: Deerstar is a muscular tabby tom, his fur is grey but he has black stripes that run down from his body. He is very muscular but lean so the lean balances out with his muscles so he doesn't look bulky. He has huge soft paws for his silent walking and he has a long sleek tail. His fur is also sleek but you could see the black and grey very easily within the sunlight. His long muscular legs help with his great ability to run really fast,climb trees quick, and swim great.
History (optional):N/A

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