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PurgeClaw of Thornclan Empty PurgeClaw of Thornclan

Post by PurgeClaw on Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:25 pm

Name: PurgeClaw
Age (moons):24moons
Clan: ThornClan
Rank: Deputy
Gender: She-cat
Appearance: Purgeclaw is an all black she-cat. Her paws are lined with a dark crimson hue. Her underbelly is a snow white hue with small tan lines on the side. Other than that her base color is all black. Purgeclaw has dark ember eyes that have a gold speckle in them.
Personality: is of the notion she is perhaps the most perfect predator ever to walk the earth. She's very elegant and proper, never allowing so much as a hair to fall out of place. She can be very friendly and kind, but also happens to be of the mindset that she is never wrong... and it's not often anyone can argue her down. She takes great pride in her feats, and is very cunning and quick-witted. She's got a fiery personality, is quick to debate and switch gears fast. She enjoys confusing and manipulating those she thinks are of a weaker mind. Though don't let this fool you, purgeclaw deep down does have a soft side and whenever this side comes out she wants to just fall over and die. Also she swears she has these small voices within her head that talk to her. No they don't control her just cloud her judgment sometimes.
History (optional): Sorry it is one that Purgeclaw happily does not want to talk about

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