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A Gathering is a meeting of the Clans, and is held on the night of a full moon.  As said in the Warrior Code, there is a truce, which forbids fighting during the Gathering.  It is considered a great honor to be chosen by a Clan leader to go to a Gathering.  The Gathering is held in a clearing in the forest.

On Gatherings, Clan leaders announce current affairs and significant events within their respective Clans, such as the appointment of new apprentices and warriors, and the deaths and births of cats.  They also use this time, if necessary, to ask for help from others.  
Warriors use this chance to meet their friends from other Clans and exchange information. Many cats will use a Gathering to try to determine the strength and weakness of another Clan.  

~Clan leaders hold Gatherings to share news with the other Clans.
~Gatherings are meant for meeting new cats, but not to share Clan weaknesses and strengths.
~When the moon is full, the Gathering begins.
~The start of the Gathering marks a time of truce between the four Clans. If the truce is broken, LightClan will send clouds to cover the moon, signaling their displeasure. Should this happen, the Gathering is ended and each Clan returns to their respecting territories.

The Gathering is held on the night of the full moon, because it is the only time that the moon is bright enough to see everything and everyone.  The leader, the deputy, the medicine cat and their apprentice, if they have one, several warriors, apprentices, and elders participate from each Clan.  If a leader cannot attend, the deputy will speak on behalf of their Clan.

Once arrived at the Gathering territory, the leaders sit on a designated high spot (i.e: a rock or a tree branch) along with the other leaders where they can be seen and heard well while talking to the warriors and to each other. Deputies sit close by. It is considered to be disrespectful if any other cat speaks from atop the leader's spot, unless specifically asked.

As decreed by LightClan, the nights of the Gatherings are a time of peace. If there is any violence, LightClan sends a cloud to cover the moon signifying their displeasure; usually the Gathering ends if this happens.

Gatherings are held on territory that is neutral to all Clans, and it cannot be claimed by one Clan alone.

DISCLAIMER: This was not written by me, it was written by warriors wikia (I changed some slight things to match the rolelpay).

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